This challenge consists in covering the elevation gain set within a previously chosen track in which departure and arrival have not mandatory to be the same and whose gap can be in both one or more climbs.

Only rule: You can stop no longer than 30% of the total time spent on the saddle – i.e. if you ride 10 hours, you can rest no more than 3 hours and have to pedal no less than 7 hours.

5000 mt


Climb is the real keystone of every cyclist. Sooner or later you have to face it. Do you think of being ready for it? Our very first challenge to mountains is getting to a total elevation gain of 5000mt: That’s the first step towards freedom!

10000 mt


Only the brave can get to the top of the mountain/world, and our horse category is clear about it: 10.000mt to climb up, same rules, but no compromises at all: just you, the climb and your struggle against the slope…let challenge it!