We firmly believe in the need to free ourselves from the constraints and stress of everyday life, to test ourselves and to overcome our limitations. Each of our challenges responds to this need in a different way and you can challenge yourself whenever you want. We will rely on the trust and respect you have for your cycling passion in validating your results, and with the same respect and trust we ask you to follow simple rules:

1. Each challenge must be completed by one and only one person.

2. Only tracks recorded starting from 21.05.2019 will be validated.

3. All the challenges launched upon the track issue will be validated only if they do comply with those proposed by #ASSAULTOFREEDOM and not with anything else which, just due to length reason, however accomplish also ours.

4. Each track will be worth a single challenge, the one declared at the time of dispatch.

5. Every challenge must be registered only and exclusively through a GPS computer cycle of any brand. In respect of the truthfulness of the data, traces recorded through smartphones will not be taken into consideration.

6. Electric bikes are prohibited.

7. All the challenges are regulated by time: on the total time taken to complete the challenge only a maximum of 30% of the time available must be used to take breaks.

8. The Real Assault is the only challenge where you are allowed to organize your own time, which means that you can sleep or stop as often as you wish, as long as you respect the minimum hours required on your bike.