Whether you live in flat Holland or in a shelter in Bormio, it doesn’t matter, here the only thing that matters is your will power, your resistance to fatigue. The only meter will be time; the chanting of the hours that become days.



Cycling, outside of races and records, is an adventure. Here you have the chance to try something unique, two days traveling on your bike, where the only limit will be your endurance in the saddle: pedaling for a minimum of 24 hours out of a total of 36 available, from wherever you start to wherever you arrive.


We are talking about the two days on the saddle you never did, now you have the opportunity to do that.



The challenge of challenges is a pure idea of escape from the stressful daily routine, opening up to something unique. Everything has a price though, and this time you’re nearly asked to do the impossible: pedaling for 48 hours over a time limit of 96 at your disposal.

96 hours to get rid of all the superfluous, to get rid of all your fears and embrace the most beautiful experience of your life, because after these 4 days in the saddle … nothing will ever be the same.